Tri Mummy

After the fab experience running my first ever half marathon last year, I was then told by my Chiropractor that  I shouldn’t run because of my bad back and the foot injury that I developed during training. It’s not as if I didn’t know that but hearing it from a professional you respect and trust, kinda makes things official.

Apart form dancing, running really was the only sport I have thoroughly enjoyed to this day. I felt free running in the park, very different from the stress I used to feel whenever I went to the gym. Weird, because in the park I was 100% in public but my mind was always focus and I knew most runner have been at that same situation one day. I was upset to know I couldn’t run and tried cycling instead, it wasn’t too bad if I had company but taking the bike out on my own just wasn’t my thing.

First week of January and I came across an ad for Livetotri and once I found out what they were all about I was completely hooked.

***cut to weeks of non stop google searches on “Triathlon for Beginners”…as well as looking up images from Triathlons to try to find out if other overweight – people like me – have also taken part or if I would feel completely humiliated by the 0% fat bodies getting passed me at the speed of light ***

(PS: I’ll be sharing my findings here but if, like me, you just can’t wait, look up Triathlon Taren and watch it away, he is funny and very clever!)

Yes! so I can’t be a runner, it’s not good for my back and legs if I go out for a 10k run on a regular basis, but swimming and cycling are great for my health and that’s what I would be doing for most of my training!

A couple of months later and I am now a regular swimmer (granted I am looking for some private sessions with an instructor to improve my technique) and plan to start proper Triathlon training in April.

Oh to be crazy again!




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