Tri-ing on a budget part 1

When I decided to sign up for my first triathlon i knew I’d be doing it all on a budget,  and a very tight one too.

At times like these, being the queen “googler” pays off. I am on constant research mode – for gear, techniques, training, “how to” tips, you name it.

If you are in the same boat I high recommend you check out @triathlontaren YouTube channel and his tips for beginners – there’s some gold there PLUS, being Canadian, he’s funny in a cute way…not to mention he’s ginge, I’m marry to one, that’s how much I like these fire hair folks.

Anyhow, I have recently bagged myself a great bargain and thought it was worth sharing – coz that’s carrying right?! The 220 Triathlon Magazine has a brilliant offer on at the moment. Not only you can get a subscription for 6 – 13 issues at a discounted price, they are also throwing in a Trisuit! Yap yap.

So this pretty lill fang is worth £59 and I’m getting mine for £23.99 and will also get 6 months worth of some fun triathlon themed reading material \o/ #win

Of course I do not know the quality of it but as beginner (and tight budgeted) anything that will hold through a whole race, allowing me to swim, cycle and run is goos enough.
I mean, that’s probably less than what I would to pay if I had to rent one out.

So there you go. How to get ready for your first triathlon on a (proper tight) budget. More tips soon to come!

Now I’m off to read my #220triathlonmagazine on the tube to show off my plans for this summer 😂😂