No selfie filter,  thank you 

Have you ever got upset over a selfie that doesn’t look quite like you were hoping for? It showed those dark circles around the eyes? Did you forget to put make up on and thought,  how did I even leave the house like that?

Every minute of the day we get bombarded with fake images that have been edited and manipulated to “improve the end result”.  So far that was a “luxury” reserved to magazine and tv models but what if I told you said tools are available to your finger tips?

For a while now I’ve had a nagging feeling about the “selfie filter” on my smart phone.  It’s almost as though retouching is now mandatory.  What is so offensive about people’s real image after all? Are people really so used to the fake stuff that they can no longer handle seeing my face in a photo if it hasn’t been modified?

BB cream and lippy on the left, filters 1, 2 and 3 to the right.

I know I’m no model but I’d like to think that even if I was repulsive – which I am fully aware it is not case – still I should be allowed to go about my day without feeling the pressure to “beautify myself ” before I can show my face in public.

There is a very fine line between putting your make up on to feel prettier and not being able to love yourself otherwise.

Am I the only one who finds absurd weird that in times when groups of consumers are waking up for the effect that retouched magazines has over teenagers (and fully grown women) all over the world,  such a filter is so accessible to everyone who owns a phone?

Now a teenager not only has to compete against that unrealistic body from tv but he/she also has to compete against their own retouched images.

Whats is it with the world that different industries seems to think we can no longer handle reality?

During the screening of Embrace – earlier this month – I watched the story of this amazing photographer who loaded her body until she took pictures of herself,  unique details and all.

In that spirit,  when shooting a few poses to show off my new hairdo, I too have decided to go real. My skin is blemish and I have dark circles under me  eyes as parents don’t sleep much. My face is round as I am a recovering eating disorder patient…


No make up as I haven’t got the patience or the skills for that and no filter as they don’t show those little details that make me who I am.