this lill guy is growing up.

As lill guy took so long to start speaking and, to this day, still gets his numbers mixed up, we never really done much work towards letters.(eleventeen and twelveteen are my favorites by the way, even when they come between 20 and zero lol).

There I was, worrying about his poor skills with the spoken language, how would I even venture into the world of the written word?

We have then decided to leave literacy to the preschool teachers  – even if it was an unspoken deal – while we focused on numbers.

With the school year about to start, however,  I’ve grown concerned – and ever so slightly jealous – that all his friends were signing their own farewell cards before leaving pre-school.

Oh no, it’s official, our child is behind…or so I thought. 

Our neighbor gave him a little spelling toy and didn’t the little thing just sit there playing away and getting it all right?

Ha! Proud mommy moment right there!