Self Love Challenge

Day 1 – I am a healthy, happy and confident women. (28.07)

Day 2 – I’m always there when people need me.

Day 3 – I might be busy but i always find time to goof around with my lill guy and to give him a little tickle.

Day 4 – My laughter is loud and contagious.

Day 5 – I love goofing around with my little one.

Day 6 – I love how clever and resourceful I am.

Day 7 – I am funny and fun to hang out with.

Day 8 – My body is perfect and capable of producing miracles.

Day 9 – I love my sexy silky hair

Day 10 – I make healthy choices and respect my body.

Day 11 – I’m a fighter and I always carry on.

Day 12 – my legs are bad ass!

Day 13 – i love my energy

Day 14 – i smile with my eyes

Day 15 – I love my sparkly eyes

Day 16 – i love my positive vibes

Day 17 – i love my sun kissed skin.

Day 18 – I give the best hugs on earth.

Day 19 – i love my ability to look after myself without giving into mummy guilt.

Day 20 – I love how resilient i am.

Day 21 – i love my ability to learn from my mistakes to adapt and improve.

Day 22 – I can be positive even when people around me aren’t.

Day 23 – i love my big fuzzy heart.

Day 24 – I’m welcoming and opened to my friends and family.

Day 25 – I love my strong legs, they never give in!

Day 26 – I love my playfulness.

Day 27 – I love myself.

Day 28 – I’m a badass cook!

Day 29 – I love that I set my goals and go for them

Day 30 – I love my body, it is capable of amazing things.

Day 31 – I love how genuine and opened I am.



Nice to meet you…

My name is Aida, I am a Brazilian mamãe  living in London – for almost 10 years now.

I love writing, and for the last couple of years i have been toying with the idea of coming back to the blogging world.

I love a little bit of everything and wasn’t sure how to get back on the horse, so i decided that being authentic and painfully honest was the only way forward.

So here i am.

Almost 38, mummy to my beautiful almost 4 years old boy (let’s call him lill guy or LG for short ), living with partner daddy D. Cook and baker by passion, beginner runner, health food and natural living researcher, part time reservations coordinator, Instagram addicted,  mental health patient fighting depression, anxiety, SAD and binge eating disorder.

The above is a draft of who i am but I’ll let people “discover me”, here, with their own eyes.