WIN A FREE MEAL for 2 – Guess my time

Would you like to play a game?

In case you have missed it, nn the 22nd of July, I will race my very first Triathlon, where I will swim 400 metres, cycle 10k and then run 2.5k. For the event, I aim to raise £500 for Shelterbox, and I thought it would be fun to get you all playing a little game. This game will give you the chance to win a great prize rather than just ask for you to sponsor me with all proceeds going to Shelterbox.
So, how will it work?

All you have to do is try and guess how long it will take me to complete the Super Sprint race at the London Triathlon. Entries cost £3 a pop and you can make as many guesses as you like.

What to do?

1- Go to and donate £3.

2- Leave a message with your donation on the JustGiving page, guessing how long it will take me to complete my first ever Triathlon. The winner will be the one person to guess my time (give or take 2 minutes).

3- If more than 1 person guesses the correct time, all the names of people who guessed the correct time will be entered into a prize draw, only ONE voucher will be rewarded in total.

4- DO NOT add Gift Aid please (charities cannot claim Gift Aid for the sale of goods, raffles, prize draws etc.)

5- Tick the box that says ‘I’m happy to be contacted by Aida so I can contact the winner at the end of the game.

6- Share this event with everyone so your friends can enter the game and donate to the amazing Shelterbox.

7- My race starts at 4:40pm on Saturday the 22nd of July, 2017. Any entries made after that time will not be valid but will still be taken as donation.

8- If for whatever reason I do not take part or finish the race, a straight prize draw will be done with all the entries received.

9- I will be wearing a time chip during the race and that will be the official time to go by. A second timer will be used as a backup should the chip fail at all.

The prize

1- One gift voucher on the value of £150 to dine at any of the Hawksmoor Restaurants. Whilst I am happy to ship the voucher to anywhere in the UK/Europe, the prize can only be redeemed at one of the Hawksmoor restaurants in the UK – please see for all locations.

2- The voucher will be valid until June 2018, that expiry date cannot be extended and the card cannot be exchanged for cash.

3- The card isn’t named so the winner is free to gift it if he/she wishes to do so.

4- There is no cash alternative.


– If you would like to enter more than one guess then just make the payment to the equivalent amount (i.e. £6 for 2 guesses or £9 for 3 etc.) and leave all the guesses on the same message

– If you made your donation and forgot to leave your guess, please contact me via this event page and I will enter your guess manually.

– I will publish the winner’s name on Sunday the 23rd of July by 1pm and the card will be posted by Monday the 24th so make sure your contact details are correct on the JustGiving page.

Best of luck and get guessing!!!


Tri-ing on a budget part 1

When I decided to sign up for my first triathlon i knew I’d be doing it all on a budget,  and a very tight one too.

At times like these, being the queen “googler” pays off. I am on constant research mode – for gear, techniques, training, “how to” tips, you name it.

If you are in the same boat I high recommend you check out @triathlontaren YouTube channel and his tips for beginners – there’s some gold there PLUS, being Canadian, he’s funny in a cute way…not to mention he’s ginge, I’m marry to one, that’s how much I like these fire hair folks.

Anyhow, I have recently bagged myself a great bargain and thought it was worth sharing – coz that’s carrying right?! The 220 Triathlon Magazine has a brilliant offer on at the moment. Not only you can get a subscription for 6 – 13 issues at a discounted price, they are also throwing in a Trisuit! Yap yap.

So this pretty lill fang is worth £59 and I’m getting mine for £23.99 and will also get 6 months worth of some fun triathlon themed reading material \o/ #win

Of course I do not know the quality of it but as beginner (and tight budgeted) anything that will hold through a whole race, allowing me to swim, cycle and run is goos enough.
I mean, that’s probably less than what I would to pay if I had to rent one out.

So there you go. How to get ready for your first triathlon on a (proper tight) budget. More tips soon to come!

Now I’m off to read my #220triathlonmagazine on the tube to show off my plans for this summer 😂😂

Tri Mummy

After the fab experience running my first ever half marathon last year, I was then told by my Chiropractor that  I shouldn’t run because of my bad back and the foot injury that I developed during training. It’s not as if I didn’t know that but hearing it from a professional you respect and trust, kinda makes things official.

Apart form dancing, running really was the only sport I have thoroughly enjoyed to this day. I felt free running in the park, very different from the stress I used to feel whenever I went to the gym. Weird, because in the park I was 100% in public but my mind was always focus and I knew most runner have been at that same situation one day. I was upset to know I couldn’t run and tried cycling instead, it wasn’t too bad if I had company but taking the bike out on my own just wasn’t my thing.

First week of January and I came across an ad for Livetotri and once I found out what they were all about I was completely hooked.

***cut to weeks of non stop google searches on “Triathlon for Beginners”…as well as looking up images from Triathlons to try to find out if other overweight – people like me – have also taken part or if I would feel completely humiliated by the 0% fat bodies getting passed me at the speed of light ***

(PS: I’ll be sharing my findings here but if, like me, you just can’t wait, look up Triathlon Taren and watch it away, he is funny and very clever!)

Yes! so I can’t be a runner, it’s not good for my back and legs if I go out for a 10k run on a regular basis, but swimming and cycling are great for my health and that’s what I would be doing for most of my training!

A couple of months later and I am now a regular swimmer (granted I am looking for some private sessions with an instructor to improve my technique) and plan to start proper Triathlon training in April.

Oh to be crazy again!




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