Tri-ing on a budget part 2


So when you are training for a Triathlon you will, of course, need the appropriate gear for swimming, cycling and running. I will sure talk About how to save money there but my first steps came from watching this Triathlon Tarren video –  10 Beginner Triathlete Equipment Essentials  (have fun!)

There are also a few other costs that will need to be considered, such as pool membership, open water swimming sessions (all depending on where you live of course) and just as important, the entry fee for the chosen event.

See, the entry for my chosen modality at the London Triathlon costs around £80. While I can sure see how well that money is invested (it looks like an amazing event with all security and support needed in a big place like London), I still have a budget to stick to and a pair of running shoes to buy. So I set off looking for a better option – to the expenditure, not the shoes.

My first plan was to finally go through the pile of stuff I have been planning to flog on ebay ( and never seem to find time to post).

A few weeks ago, however, I came across a London Triathlon Facebook poster about how you can sign up through a charity and save money on the entry fee. Of course I had to check it out!

Now, I have worked with many charities before, organizing events, helping out other fundraisers and even got people to sponsor me on the Royal London Marathon last year so I knew raising a bit of money for charity wouldn’t be a big deal.

I had a good look through all the different charities involved and my regular one wasn’t there, so I set off looking at different sites to see what the causes were and what were they asking in terms of pledge.

There were a few charities there that I would happily support and Shelterbox stood up to me because of the work they do at situations that will see most of us feeling useless.

So there you go, I have saved myself just over £70 – which will be well spent on a pair of running shoes for my plantar fascistic suffering feet – and will – at the same time – be paying forward by raising £500 to this amazing charity.

Entering fundraising mode in 3….2….1!!!






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