Radical self love

So it seems as though I have turned a page some point over the past few weeks.

Between moments of pure joy for just being me and an open love letter to my body, I feel great.

As for  many people struggling – or who have struggled – with mental health issues, such high achievement can leave you worried about the come down.  

As a life long worryer I can’t help those thoughts popping up every now and then but I know they are just fear (and a little pragmatism), so just feelings.  Nothing concrete, nothing real and tangible.  

It is ok to feel things, fear is what keeps us alive.  What I am no longer willing to do is to live my life based on those feelings. 

I am not my feelings but how I react to them.

So I am now in a mission to keep the good vibe going and to learn to truly love my body again, bit by bit.

Today I caught myself watching my lips, it was just a little flirt but it reminded me of how darm sexy they can be.

So here it is, this week I will watch my lips and fall in love with then again.

Hello sexy! 


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