18 days to go


Training session 21.09 (18 days to go)

So lill guy started school last week, there’s been a lot of stress and rushing about. He still has another week before he’s at school full-time but I think we are all settling slowly into the new routine.

The plan was to up my training once school was on and I had to start slowly last week as time was tight and weather was way too hot.

My foot still not recovered so I have resigned to the fact that I’m more likely to walk rather than run my first Half Marathon and the best way to traine for it seems to be building up resistance as well as strengthening my core.

I have been cycling for the past month or so and that sure helped making my legs a bit stronger.

So this Monday I done 45 minutes of high intensity dance plus about 10 minutes of interval training, yesterday I done 15 minutes of yoga and today I walked for 45 minutes (my goal was an hour but I guess I was too fast lol) and done about 15 to 20 minutes of Interval training and stretches.

Looking at it seems crazy to think I’ll be on a half marathon in about 2 weeks but my aim is to improve my walking pace and then if I feel i can run, i will.

I’ve had doubts while trying to recover from the Plantar Fascistic, I though maybe I should sit this one out and wait until I’m 100% better and can actually do this properly. The thing is, ¬†I’ve signed for this event to raise funds for Young Epilepsy, and¬†mainly, as a personal challenge, I thought¬†running could¬†be a way for me to keep the Eating Disorder¬†under control – and I was right, which makes my wish ti recover from the injury even bigger – and with all that in mind, giving up is not an option.








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