Self Love Challenge

Day 1 – I am a healthy, happy and confident women. (28.07)

Day 2 – I’m always there when people need me.

Day 3 – I might be busy but i always find time to goof around with my lill guy and to give him a little tickle.

Day 4 – My laughter is loud and contagious.

Day 5 – I love goofing around with my little one.

Day 6 – I love how clever and resourceful I am.

Day 7 – I am funny and fun to hang out with.

Day 8 – My body is perfect and capable of producing miracles.

Day 9 – I love my sexy silky hair

Day 10 – I make healthy choices and respect my body.

Day 11 – I’m a fighter and I always carry on.

Day 12 – my legs are bad ass!

Day 13 – i love my energy

Day 14 – i smile with my eyes

Day 15 – I love my sparkly eyes

Day 16 – i love my positive vibes

Day 17 – i love my sun kissed skin.

Day 18 – I give the best hugs on earth.

Day 19 – i love my ability to look after myself without giving into mummy guilt.

Day 20 – I love how resilient i am.

Day 21 – i love my ability to learn from my mistakes to adapt and improve.

Day 22 – I can be positive even when people around me aren’t.

Day 23 – i love my big fuzzy heart.

Day 24 – I’m welcoming and opened to my friends and family.

Day 25 – I love my strong legs, they never give in!

Day 26 – I love my playfulness.

Day 27 – I love myself.

Day 28 – I’m a badass cook!

Day 29 – I love that I set my goals and go for them

Day 30 – I love my body, it is capable of amazing things.

Day 31 – I love how genuine and opened I am.



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